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Friday, October 24, 2014

Willy-Nilly friday five with Tanya at 'Around Roanoke, VA (A Daily Photo Blog)'- here are my weeks rather unexciting 5:-)
 There are 44,000 species of spiders in the world, I stopped reading there.
 We found this inflated seed pod of the 'physalis alkekengi' more commonly known as the bladder cherry, chinese or japanese lantern in the midst of a dumping area for old road remains, yet they've never taken in our garden.  
Very excited to have ordered tickets for the Niki de Saint Phalle (1930-2002), French sculpture, visual artist, painter and director, her exposition is at the Grande Palaise in Paris, with tickets in hand there are no line ups which is how I like it these days.

We are pleased that our larger surface grocery store is promoting far-from-perfect-in-form vegetables and fruits with more local produce appearing in its bins.

We'd learn this week that a French company, in France dismantles and recycles all parts of old trains, everything. Do you know what happens to the discarded trains and rails near you?

Have a great day and a fun weekend.    

Thursday, October 23, 2014

In 1878, Robert Louis Stevenson was 26, living in financial precarity, in Grès-sur-Loing, in the North of France and hopelessly entwined in an impossible love affair with a married woman who had two children, to mend his broken heart he set out on a walking adventure in the region of Cevennes.      

After living in Le Monsatier-sur-Gazelle (Cevennes) for a month, he bought a donkey who he called Modestine and in October of 1878, they set out to walk to St-Jean-du-Gard (Gard), 220 kilometres away which they did in 12 days. He'd kept a journal, 'un journal de route' which he'd publish in 1879 as the 'Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes'.  I imagine Modestine looked a lot like this doe-eyed creature.        
 In our area, just a few minutes from here we've not one wild flower in bloom yet here is what we found in the fields around dog and donkey's area yesterday.
aster amellus

Familly Dipsacaeae-scabiosa atropurpurea-pincushion

Family Asteraceae-cichorium intybus-wild chicory

chochorium sauvage wild chicory

Famille Asteraceae-

Family Convolvulaceae arvenis-Bindweed 

Mr McGuillicuddy kept a close eye on us as we wondered up the public lane that divides his Master's immense private property, we assured him we were not there to steal the lettuce, nor pick the olives, forage for truffles nor take his Master's farming equipment, he only relaxed when we boarded our wheels and set off into the sunset.
We are so sorry to hear of Canada's tragedy.        Be safe and have a good day.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

chêne kermès/chêne de garrigues: kermes oak
Quercus coccifera

-this Oak is particular to the Mediterranean zone. 

There are 550-600 (depending on which site you read) different species of Oak Tree in the world. There is an oak tree in the Sherwood Foest called 'The Great Oak of Sherwood' they say is between 800-1000 years old.

The following Oak tree folklore information is at:  (

Common Beliefs 

-if two acorns are dropped in the same bowl of water, a couple can divine their future plans. If the acorns float together, they will marry — if the acorns drift apart, the couple will drift apart.
-carrying an acorn at all times will prevent old age from coming on, prevent illness, increase fertility and strengthen sexual potency.
 -carry a small piece of oak for good luck.
 -Oak Apples (galls) on an Oak tree are made by a worm. The person who finds the worm will be assured of riches and prosperity.
 -essence of the oak flower will prevent despondency and despair.
 -in German lore, it was believed that children came from an ancient hollow Oak tree.
 -to plant an acorn after the sun goes down will ensure fortune in the near future.
 -Oak fires draw illnesses away.
 -tie two twigs together with red thread, like a cross, to guard against evil.
 -place acorns on window sills to guard against harm and lightning.
 -catch a falling oak leaf and you will be free from colds all winter.
 -if acorns are gathered by the light of the full moon, good faerie talismans can be made of them.

And for my Canadian West Coast readers: from Wikipedia-

<In British Columbia, the Garry oak occurs on the Gulf Islands and southeastern Vancouver Island, from west of Victoria along the east side of the island up to the Campbell River area. There are also small populations along the Fraser River on the British Columbia mainland.>

Once again things I do not know that I think I should know stagger me!  

 Happy a good day everyone.