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I am going to take a Blogging Hiatus, thank you everyone for stopping by and making blogging such a joy, Happy Holidays to all of you.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Some of you may remember this collection on a Hawthorn bush from early this Spring. We've yet to know who builds this artistic ball of field debris or why but this one looks to have definite openings that could be entries and exits.   

HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone. We hope our World can solve some of its troubles and find Peace somewhere in among all of the insanity going on these days.  We wish you all  Peace and Goodwill....until next year, Lynn

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Yesterday morning, our Saturday market was quite gay, walking snowmen, alligators and elves, the photos were meant to be here this morning however once back home Mr. O wanted some help in re-positioning bird feeders and he had my help until I spotted these bursting Oleander/Laurier Rose seeds...  

Three of the five bushes have been here since before we arrived in November 1999 therefore over a dozen Falls have been shared with them yet neither Mr O. nor myself can say we'd noticed the seed pods in this particular stage before, once again it is a very good thing that we've never had to be eye-witnesses to anything serious; there must be a name for this sort of inattention or blindness!  

Hope your holiday preparations are going more smoothly than they are here, that you've less cars in parking lots, more internet shoppers and as many Police road checks as we have here. They say that drinking, drugging and driving is on the rise again, such craziness.  Be safe, warm or cool and have a great Sunday....

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Clear blue skies however the air held a hint of snow and towards midnight the terrace was scattered with a pattern of melted flakes. This morning the village square was covered with a lacy white throw, all gone before the end of my first coffee but still it was there.    

the 'fusain' tree will soon shed most of her fruit, to date we've not seen any birds or squirrels feasting on her abundance...

-the alder/aulne is full of girls and boys just waiting for a good wind to reproduce..

 The Platane/Plain tree's female flowers.  

It seems there is just as much budding activity in the Fall as in the Spring.

The ever present Mont Ventoux and a typical farm house or a 'Mas' in the local Provençal...  

Ebéne's alert 'danger ahead-don't move a muscle' stance...

and sure enough others had arrived, a lady with her gentle bear sized dog
I have just checked a few temperatures out of curiosity:  Le Thor 12°C, Victoria, B.C. 8°, Kamloops, B.C. 2°C, Vancouver 10°C, and New York 4°C, all better than minus zero, still stay warm and have a great day everyone.