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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Passage du Bourg L'Abbé

This covered passageway runs between rue Saint-Denis through to rue de Palestro in the 2nd arrondissement, Paris.  

Built by French architect, Auguste Lusson and opened in 1828, it is 43 metres long and has two cariatydes at the entrance but I had us hurrying along so quickly I missed them; they are allegories of commerce and industry, I really need to go back!  

and because I had us hightailing it along to have crossed the street to enter the 'Passage du Grand Cerf' would have taken us in the opposite direction of intended goal so I had us make a hard left and probably a mistake as most of you will agree....    

eh! voilà, the reason for my haste, I was so lucky to be with someone who is so easy going, not one word of complaint nor whining, those being more my specialty and she has been like this since we were knee high to the proverbial grasshopper.  

We stopped two times for a SB's, & each time she'd laughingly ask me 'aren't you banning them' well yes I am for various reasons but those Strawberry Frappaccinos are hard to resist, thank you for giving up this Strawberry Frappiccino for the Mocha one, Sandra :-)  

Friday, October 9, 2015

L'Escargot Montorgueil

another day of intentional discovery :-)

Bistro 'L'Escargot Montorgueil' at 38 rue Montorgueil, Paris 

who created these golden beauties and when? 

The original bistro was called 'L'Escargot d'Or' (golden snail) and opened in 1832 by a couple who were wine merchants, while ownership changed a few times its popularity didn't, drawing names such as Sarah Bernhardt, Marcel Proust, Salvador Dali, Jean Cocteau, Picasso, Sacha Guitry or Yves St Laurent. From all accounts one needs to eat and see the decoration inside, this is for another day.    


Thursday, October 8, 2015

monument de la république + notre-dame de pitié et sainte-elisabeth

Monument de la République-French sculptor, Léopold Morice (1846-1919)

Marianne statue is in bronze at 9.50 metres high, the pedestal 15.50 metres. 


Lion and a urn which is in the dark by his right shoulder they represent 'Universal Suffering'. 

Notre-Dame de Pitié et Sainte Elisabeth de Hongrie, first rock of original church was set in 1628 by Queen Marie de Médicis, but like a number of churches this one didn't survive the revolutions however in the end the building was restored back to being a church.    

These eyes are looking at the side of the church...

195 rue de Temple, Paris 3rd arrondissement

, at this address you will see amazingly beautiful photos of the inside of this church, well worth your visit.