Tuesday, July 22, 2014

a stroll through lavender

Once we had parked alongside a massive sized field of Lavender, a few dozen of these huge bees landed on our windshield, they sat mocking us for several moments before they decided we weren't sweet nor worth their time and off they went in the group they arrived in...  

I am not holding my breath, still after exactly 3 hours and  7 minutes (not counting several hours yesterday with Mr O.) I have successfully downloaded my photos???? or maybe I have, we shall see. I want to share a few photos of some of the lavender filled fields we walked along or drove by last weekend. If you were watching the 'Tour de France' on Sunday, they passed through this area of Lavender and from the advantage of the helicopter cameraman one saw just how marvelous the spill of lavender really is. Have a wonderful day everyone, fingers crossed, I shall hit publish :-).  

Monday, July 21, 2014

Microsoft Window 8.1 update woes are mine!

I've joined the group that has issues with the Windows 8.1 update.

Those of you with the W8 program will know that a while back, if one was on line, an announcement for the free W8.1 update began to appear on your screen, unbidden, all one had to do was click on their dialogue box and the installation would promptly begin or one could refuse it to a later date.

I did not want the update, l would systematically check 'No'.

Then one day last week, while on line, my husband entered the room behind me, and to look at him while I spoke to him I had to twist around a bit which had me facing away from the screen. Still for a brief moment, the lime green page of Windows appeared, I chose to ignore it for a few minutes.

Wrong decision, when I turned back, there was no dialogue box asking if I wanted to install the Windows 8.1 update or wait until later; it was in the process of installing itself! There was no interrupting it. Now I am stuck with it. I read that I am not the only one who is having difficulties, some have found that even if one requests the installation there is a warning or a heads up of sorts telling one that there is no way back to your original Windows 8 programs once the W8.1 is installed, they destroy the paths or something.  

This update has messed with most my stuff, I can no longer download my photos into this blog, nor a video, my photos are not downloading in a number of email accounts, and I cannot access certain options in my Photoshop program. In some places, a Cookies dialogue box pops up telling me that my browser is incompatible with whatever could I please select one that is, nothing in their suggestions makes any difference. There are strange things happening with certain blogs I try to access, I can no longer leave comments in a large number of them. So what is an improvement for most of Window's users, is a definite downfall for me.     

So I'm am throwing in the proverbial towel for awhile just until I figure out how to fix everything, maybe it is time to seriously think about investing in a 'how to use a computer' course. Anyhooo, I shall wish everyone a safe, scintillating summer...ciao for now.    

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Soon I'll be singing in the rain in Paris, and aside from seeing a few of Paris' quintessential spots,  there will also be  Starbuck's, mountains of iced café lattés and hot café lattés but best of all FRIENDS from home, (just in case one is wondering where my original home is), Kamloops. B.C., Canada. Everything from the train to the hotel dropped into place at the last minute, hoo-rah for the miracle travel faires who often work over time on my behalf.   
Everyone have a wonderful few days, a fun and safe weekend and I'll be back early next week.  :-)