Wednesday, April 23, 2014

yesterday's sky 

sorgue river

new and yet unidentified wild plant

plantago lanceolata

le chemin de crillon   

Abandoned at 3 months of age our Miss Kohlah is 7 years old this month. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


 This lovely flowering plant arrived in our garden not by way of a bird nor the wind but by way of a late night pinching from a flowering border in another village. It was late and we were giddy with the scents of closing petals, lingering garlic and onion in the air when I thought out loud how I should like this plant that grows everywhere, out the sides of buildings, in old rock walls, gardens, pots and desert like surroundings and it was no sooner said than done my little bitty 75 year old companion who bent swift as a knife slicing through the air, handed me a snip, one small, vulnerable looking slip that she'd later put in a glass jam jar and send me on my way. When she said all I had to do was stick it in soil and it'd grow I wasn't at all convinced for myself is a notorious killer of anything green however it is now 5 years down the road and this is the original 'Centranthus ruber', 'Valérine rouge', 'Red Valerian' or call it as you will it is also known as 'Jupiter's Beard'  pushing forth, always ready to please and dazzle with her lovely blooms, sturdy little legs and never ending force of resisting the weather and the heavy watering hand of Mr O., I've renamed her 'My Red Champion'.      

Monday, April 21, 2014

  This morning I watch spell bound
 through our dusty rain spattered window
 as an older gentleman bends down
 to clip his pant legs at his ankles.
Then with the ease of a dancer
he stands straight
 before lithely swinging his right leg
 over his bike's saddle
momentarily suspended askew,
then with a deft push of his left leg
he lifts himself upwards
 balances precariously for a second
 before pushing down and shooting forward.
Closer to 90 years of age than to 80
And always the gentleman
he loosens his grip
Reaching upward
he lifts his cap
smiling he nods
to a tiny, white haired woman
in  passing.