Friday, February 12, 2016

An landing Egret...   

I think these feet of his look too heavy for flying.....  

I would leave the boys to their walk while I went off to find my joy...

which I did, this wild flowering Chénopode plants, and while my attention was on a Chénopode flower, I lost my balance and slid off my perch, down the very damp and slippery slope toward a very cold canal but a clump of grass and a prickly Datura saved me, and while contemplating the best way to make my way back up the bank without hurting the camera nor having to holler for help I saw this beautiful 'véronique de perse' 

'veroncia persica'

and here it is, the last wild flowering plant that I am going to identify, she brings my total to 160 named.  Maybe I should stay safe and say 159 as I'm not as sure today as I was yesterday that this is in the 'Amaranthaceae family' and called 'Chenopodium' or 'chénopode'... 

buds and flower

les fleurs et les bourgeons 

I've not been able to identify the tiny cone like things, and remain totally in the dark to the part these little bits play...could they be pistils, I don't know?    

the buds are 3-5 cm wide, less than a half inch..quite tiny.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

This is a Seaweed basket made by our very talented friend Jo of Victoria, B.C. Canada. (for her contact info leave me a note...) 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

viburnum tinus, from the family Adoxaceaes once classified with the Caprifoliaceaes. I learned today that these groups of berries are called Drupes-a single fleshy fruit with a hard stone which contains the single seed. So far this year I've learned 45 completely new bits of information that I  hadn't yet read, learned then forgotten, like the word drupe and several in the world of iPads and updates :-).